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What is your favorite Quote and by who?

My grandad said  “I ain’t old I'm just a kid. (Smiles and winks at me) my main point in getting old don’t let it get to you or bother you.” -EZ MCCauley 


What is more important to you in BMX? Talent, style, beast mode.

Oh style without a doubt. That is something you have to earn with many years developing and never giving up. 


Favorite pick up line? Did it ever work for you?

Haha nah I don’t do that shit I'm not a douche bag. I talked to boys and girls like normal people and make them laugh and make them comfortable. 


Where do you really want to ride in the USA but haven’t been able to yet?

I would love to ride some street in the dirty south. Other then that I kinda been everywhere else. 


For all the people out there... what do you look for in a breakfast burrito?

Bacon. Lots of bacon. 

What is in your pockets right now?

Chapstick, candy, knife, high chews, wallet, 30 cents, my byrna, a stupid mask, nausea pill, and a breakfast bar. 


How do you feel about helmets for biking? Do you not wear one cause you know chicks dig your hair?

I would feel better about them if they didn’t make you look like a fucking dork but fuck me for saying that at the same time cause saying that makes me look like an careless idiot. I would love to have a helmet that meets my needs, fits well and looks good but I’m still looking and may or maybe talking to a company right now about it ;)


What is one trick that you really want to learn but haven’t even tried it yet?

Well, I have been trying tailwhips for awhile but my body and riding style doesn’t seem to allow that trick. Ha. But I would probably say boosting out of a quarter pipe would be fucking awesome to learn. 


I know you don’t watch TV, but what is your favorite movie of all time or top 3?

I’m so glad everyone’s catching on to that. Ha. Movies are way different from the tele but I would say…… Nightmare Before Christmas, the BFG, and James and the Giant Peach. 


What is your favorite part you ride and why? 

My Metal frame because it’s hand made in America and not too many BMX bikes are these days. 


Out of all your tattoos which is your favorite, least favorite and which has the most meaning?

I don’t have a least favorite or I wouldn’t of got them ;) I don’t have a favorite because I love them all! But I do have my brothers name and his ashes, grammas, and Leroy’s and those mean the most to me. 


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