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What do you do for a living?

I am a graphic designer for a company that deals with corporate accounts. 


Do you remember your first BMX bike?

My first BMX bike was a chrome and black Huffy, but my first real BMX bike was an S&M Warpig that I built up from scratch.

What got you into BMX?

In about 1989, I saw two kids my oldest sister went to high school with flatlanding and surfing their bikes - putting on a demo. After seeing that, I was hooked.

What kind of rider would you consider yourself?

A shitty one.

What's your favorite trick to watch?

A Taj grizzly air.

What trick do you want to learn?

A Taj grizzly air or honestly just pulling anything with style

Are there any big projects you're working on?

Binge watching The Office and some big things are coming with FICTIVE


What are your top 3 BMX videos of all time?

Etnies Forward, Criminal Mischief, and Fox Expendable 2

What riders influence you the most?

Taj, Joe Rich, Van Homan, Clint Reynolds, Dave Mirra and Matt Beringer

What would be your dream road trip?

Summertime road trip to Maine, stopping off at spots to ride in every state along the way.

What are your 5 essentials for a road trip (besides your bike)?

Osprey Transporter Roll Bag, Kombucha, Road trip playlist, pocket knife, and a beanie.

What are your links/how can someone find you?

What makes you think I want people to find me? 



FRAME: WTP Buck Trans Red 20.75

FORKS: Eclat Storm XLT 24mm

BARS: Fiend Reynolds 9.25 rise

BARENDS: Kink Lightest Barends

STEM: Eclat Domain with ti bolts

HEADSET: Eclat Wave 16

TOPBOLT: S&M M24 thread

GRIPS: Eclat Filter Grips

SEAT: Eclat OZ Slim Pivotal with ti bolt

SEAT POST: WTP Socket Pivotal

CRANKS: Radio Destro Light 165mm

SPROCKET: Eclat 28t RS Freestyle with ti bolt

CHAIN: Shadow Supreme Half-Link

PEDALS: Eclat Contra Plastic


FRONT WHEEL: Eclat Carbonic Rim w. ti spokes

                             BSD Swerve w. ti bolts

BACK WHEEL:  Eclat Carbonic Rim w. ti spokes

                           BSD Revolutionary Coaster w. ti bolts  TIRES: Eclat Mirage 

TUBES: Eclat Helium Tubes

MODS: Ti seat post bolt

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