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Full Name?

Joseph Byron Battaglia


Date of Birth?




From Palatine, Illinois. Currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


How long have you been riding?

22 years on the bike.


So I know everyone has been on this topic but, how did the Colony deal come about?

Colony came about as a solid understanding on both ends, the relationship took flight right away & it suits both party’s in the best of ways, looking very much forward to growing with the brand & building the relationship.

When washing your clothes, what spin cycle do you use?

I wash my clothing on f5 spin cycle.

Are you ok with the name Joey “The Taz” Bagz?

Joey the Taz haha Joey is fine, or shredder!


Do you think geometry plays a big part of your tornado like spinning skills?

I’ve always been a spinner, I just like bikes that best suit my all around style.


If so what do you look for in geometry for your bike? If not than answer this question... how many donut holes does it take to fill up an Olympic sized swimming pool?

I look for a responsive bike! Short rear end & steep headtube. Not sure, a lot donut holes? Haha


Lets say you wanted to take your bike somewhere special, where would you take it?

I’d take my bike to the skatepark & have a fucking blast, then get a nice vegan dinner & have a picnic.


If someone were to ask you what is the key to spinning better and more consistent what would you tell them?

Keep looking through your rotation & use the upper body to manage getting around


What are some of your favorite obstacles to ride that people may not see you post about or in videos?

Favorite things to ride, I love riding just about anything, park street dirt, but I’m a tech guy, so quarters/subs are the hitters.


Though Covid has destroyed so many lives, do you think you have benefited more from it than maybe you would have without it?

Covid has ruined a lot, I focus on just staying positive & pushing as much as possible, but stay at a semi safe distance & not kissing all my riding friends haha (kidding) or am I.. 🤣


Who has influenced you the most in life, and in riding?

My dad is a big hero of my always pushed me to be who/what I am as a perfectionist I love the motivation I get from the people I ride with & my fiancé is a huge push in the right direction as well!


Where would you love to travel to in the USA that you haven’t been yet to go ride?

South Carolina would be somewhere I’d like to spend some quality time in to ride in the states


Besides Colony as a sponsor, have you looked to reach out to Dramamine to sponsor you?

Hahah I have not! That is a funny question


What are your interests outside of BMX?

I like to fill my body with tattoos, eats amazing food to fuel the body & mind, meditate, take long ass showers & spend quality time with my fiancé.


What was your worst job you ever had and why?

I worked at Pac Sun, sofa king badddd - I felt like it was mentally draining standing around doing NOTHING.

What (if any) projects you got in the works?

Currently filming my welcome edit for Colony, so be on the look out for that; and some other things I can’t discuss as of yet but all great to come.


Who would you like to thank and/or give shout outs to?

I’d like to thank my dad for fucking sure for always pushing me, supporting me & putting up with me. Everyone that also supports me, the haters cause that fuels to add to the fire of success, my fiancé for always sticking around, being my #1 supporter & being my butt buttie.


How can people find you?

I’m on most @joey15bagz or you’ll see me at a skatepark near you!



FRAME: Colony M8 20.6 Sky Blue

FORKS: Colony Sweet Tooth 24mm offset Chrome

BARS: Colony Sweet Tooth 9.4 Chrome

BAR ENDS: Colony Konka Chrome

STEM: Colony Square Back Polished

HEADSET: Colony Tall Integrated

GRIPS: Colony Much Room

SEAT: Colony Plume Sear

SEAT POST: Colony Chrome

CRANKS: Colony Venator 165 Chrome

SPROCKET: Colony 28t Blaster Chrome

PEDALS: Colony Fantastic Plastic

CHAIN: Shadow Supreme Chrome

HUBS: Colony Wasp Polished

RIMS:   Colony Contour

TIRES: Colony Grip Lock

BRAKES: Kink Desist

BRAKE LEVER: Odyssey Trigger

CABLE: Odyssey Linear Glow in the Dark 

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