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Spotlight: Brant Moore

Full name: Brant Moore

Nickname: Years ago it was GreenBandanaKid

Birthday: 7/10

Hometown: Wooster, Ohio

Sponsors: Alienation BMX, Park Tool, Brimstone Bicycles, Stacked BMX Shop, Ride Concepts, Nowear BMX

Bike Weight: Not sure

How long have you been riding BMX?

15 years this year. I started in 2006 at the age of 13.

Was there a pinnacle moment where you realized this wasn’t just a kids bike to you - that it was your passion?

The second I started riding. Since I started as a kid it’s never really been a kids bike to me as much as it’s an extension of myself.

What was your worst job?

CiCi’s pizza washing dishes. Walking into a room of stacked dishes everywhere was awful, but it taught me the importance of efficiency so it wasn’t as bad as it could be.

What kind of music are you into?

Honestly I don’t listen to music much these days. Outside of sleep, driving is pretty much the only time where I don’t have to actively do anything other than drive, so the silence is nice. When I do listen, I’m stuck in 2006 with Underoath, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying, and others like them.

Favorite BMX related movie?

Don’t have a movie favorite, so Rocket Power.

Favorite NON BMX related movie?

All of the Marvel movies, Joe Dirt, and Hot Rod.

How long have you had your YouTube channel?

My current channel was started July 15th 2015.

What made you want to start a BMX related channel?

I’ve filmed almost everything since I started riding and have uploaded somewhat consistently since late 2006. The realization that I could one day support myself with my own hard work doing exactly what I love and have always done via being paid by google rather taking from the BMX industry made it a no brainer. Although, I did exactly what I do now for years before ever being paid. Still would even if I weren’t making money from it.

Have you found it harder to say what's on your mind in the last year or two because of how everyone seems to get butt hurt over the smallest things that don't even effect them directly?

Nope, I’ve always been very blunt and real with my thoughts/opinions. I also feel like I’m a pretty reasonable person. I've grown more conscious of how I say things because often times it’s not what you say that gets you in trouble, it’s how you say it.

Not to get to personal but how are you and your Girlfriend? Haven’t seen her on the Channel as much as of late.

Things are good. She’s filmed so much for me in the past year and I’m so grateful for it. Literally filmed the mini ramp jam at Woodward for 2 hours straight just so I could ride in it. She’s the best and I feel like she enjoys the BMX life just as much as I do. We’ve been traveling the whole country together more than ever before and here’s some advice for anyone from that. If you wanna find out if a relationship with someone will really work, drive across the country with them.

How long have you two been together now?

It’ll be 10 years in May.

What is your life situation? Do you live by yourself, with your girl or roommates?

Due to a mountain of student loan debt we both live at my parents house. I’m super grateful for the possibility of it and I’ve done as much as possible in the last year in hopes of making something happen. Kinda personal but it’s real life and I’m not ashamed.

If you had to choose only one event to go to next year that is a reoccurring event which would you pick?

2015 Baco at Jellystone & Neighborhood skatepark (RIP). The vibes/feel of that event sitting on the mini ramp deck with so many legends is what I use as a gauge for jams to today. Or, after going to Swampfest since writing this, Swampfest with a permanent double coping spine mini.

Where is your favorite riding spot that isn’t in your local area?

The Maitland Banks in Florida are pretty amazing. Ray’s is an hour away so it might be somewhat local but I still have to shout them out.

In your opinion what do you think is the most important part of your bike to have dialed or it just feels like crap?

Probably obvious, but the brakes. If my brakes don’t work right there’s a lot of tricks that just won’t work.

You have a “I don't care what's cool or in at the moment, I'm going to have fun and ride how I want" kinda attitude. I admire that man, were you always that way? If not ,when did that just click to be that way? Also, I mean that as a compliment.

I appreciate you noticing. I’ve always been that way. Growing up I just never really watched videos or cared about anything anyone else was doing. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that we’re all gonna get old and not being able to ride anymore, so to do anything other than exactly what you want to do just feels like it’d become a regret later in life.

Is there any company in BMX that you think is absolutely killing it and we should all be on the lookout for in the future?

Everyone always says the companies that they ride for, but I’ve been working with Alienation giving input on new stuff and it’s very obvious that Zach Taylor just wants to make the best possible parts. I feel like it’s kind of pointless to shoot for mediocrity in BMX, so to see the drive to make the absolute best is awesome. There’s some things coming that are no doubt some of the best around.

Do you have any plans to expand into the BMX market or are you happy with just doing the YouTube thing?

As long as I can work with a company like Alienation to help them make the best possible stuff they can, I feel like I won’t need to. I’m heavily promoting them here and it’s because I believe in it. If there’s a hole in the market or something needs and an idea to help with it, they are down to help fill it.

Besides riding, what else are you into?

I’ve always hunted and fished and those are both pretty important to me in addition to BMX.

How did the sponsorship with PARK TOOLS come about?

I was making Tuesday tip videos working on bikes regularly when I realized that they may want to have their tools in the videos and I had a need for some specific bicycle tools. Looking back, my channel was really small at the time and I’m really thankful that Janet at Park Tool saw potential because their tools have really helped make it easy to focus on the important parts of what I’m doing.

What part on your bike do you hate working on the most?


Do you find it hard to take the negative comments, or do you just turn the frown upside down?

Being that I’ve always been a little weird and the fact that I used to make metal screaming cover videos on YouTube, I’m no stranger to negative / hateful comments on the internet. It used to get to me sometimes, but hate from random strangers in BMX almost never bothers me anymore.

Have you ever had any beef with anyone in BMX? Is it still going on, or if not how did it get resolved?

These questions are wildly personal……haha When you’re in it long enough most people have had beef with someone in BMX, even if they don’t even know it. It’s not really my place to air dirty laundry, but I will say I’ve always tried to be a reasonable person and I’m always open to try to improve on my flaws if they’re presented to me.

What is your favorite part on your bike at the moment?

Alienation Venus rear hub. It’s their new planetary clutch style freecoaster that I helped with and I just love it. I already never wanted to ride a different type of hub again and now that a company I work with directly makes one, I hope I'll never have to.

What is the one trick that haunts your dreams?

I suck at manualing…like really bad…

Who would you like to shout out or give thanks to?

Everyone who supports what I’m doing whether it be directly or indirectly. My girlfriend Victoria, my parents, and all of my friends. 691, Lip Lords, Alienation, Park Tool, Brimstone Bicycles, Stacked BMX Shop, Nowear BMX, Ride Concepts, Aces Joint Repair, Sunday/Full Factory + Phil and everyone there who helps me.

Corey and Fictive for reaching out for this interview.

And genuinely, you for reading this. BMX is literally and figuratively my entire life. I’m not trying to be successful to get rich or famous…I’m trying to be successful to feed my BMX/filming obsession and help people feed theirs at the same time. Every bit of support; even just through something like reading this helps with that, so thank you!!

Anything you want to promote or anything else you wanna say?

Ride your bike, do exactly what you want to do on it, be yourself, and try to keep it fun.

We’re not street riders, park riders, dirt riders, flatland riders, or vert riders…We’re BIKE riders.

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