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Spotlight: Ratty Maty

Full Name?

Ratty Maty works just fine.

How old are you?

34 at the moment.

Where did you grow up?

Cottonwood, CA

How did your 2021 end?

Feeling healthier & stronger

If you were a super hero what would your name be and what would be your super power?

Mr. Over-Share; with the power to make someone open-up more than they usually do.

Besides killing it on your bike. What other talents or skills would you say you excel in?

  • Freestyle rap; A rule I made a long time ago, was to always be ready to spit on any beat & with anyone. Have fun with it.

  • Massage Therapy; Trained & worked in the field for 8yrs & now just trade massages with another worker.

  • Photography; Ebbs & flows with frequency for shooting photos, but I always love it when I’m behind the camera.

  • Exercise/Body Maintenance; Total body geek. Love working out & foam rolling. Finding out how to use your body to its full potential, while treating it tenderly, caring for the aches & pains.

If you had to pick a quote to sum up how you look at life what would it be?

This ain’t shit.

How did you get to be on GT? How is that going, and do you have any signature parts in the works?

Gary Young heard me talking about GT to a few friends & how there seemed to be a nice squad in SD forming, so he messaged Jeff Z asking if he thought I would be a good fit. Then the pieces all came together. Still crazy to think about.

What trick have you done that fucked with your head and really kept you up at night until you pulled it?

Backflips. They still mess with my head. I would rather try to 720 a jump, than to flip it.

Is there a trick that you have done that was a one-and-done?

Maybe not a single trick specifically, but any gnarly setup I find, I only wanna risk it once in all honesty. Some of the Fuf’s to spin off a roof or large ledge, start really sucking doing them over & over (my hands are sweating as I type this haha).

So when are we going to make the trip out to PA a reality to ride and chill?

It’s getting put as high priority for sure. I’ve heard too many tales of the PA scenes awesomeness, it needs to be witnessed first hand now.

If you could take your bike with you back in time where would you go, and what would you want to ride? If anything specific.

Egyptian times. I bet they made some insanely rideable structures. If not, I would just cruise around to see as many of the people as possible, taste their food, try to grasp some culture, & sleep under their stars.

Lets say you made a mix tape to ride to back when there were cassettes what would be on it?

Pretty Girls Make Graves, DMX, Queen, Eminem, Blondie, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Marley, Cat Stevens, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles.

What are 3 things you would like to in 2022 that you didn't get to do in 2021?

  1. Go back to France, mainly to visit my friend Thomas, so we can drive all over & ride new spots.

  2. Take a snow trip somewhere new.

  3. Do more things that bring a smile to my face, instead of getting caught in the rat race.

What do you do for a living or are you just a full time bike rider?

Currently living off savings, due to a recent Crohn’s Disease diagnosis/hospitalization, which rendered me pretty useless for a few months. I’ve worked all kinds of jobs & excited to get back to work too, but I’m enjoying the freedom to heal & focus on having fun while I still can.

What made you get into the whole cold shower and ice water soaking thing? Have you noticed a difference or benefit to doing it?

I’d say it started by accident without knowing how beneficial it really was. Anytime there’s a hot tub & a pool setup, friends & I would start over-heating in the tub, then have a mad dash to jump into the pool to cool off. Basically became obsessed with the hot/cold sensation & years later would learn of the actual benefits. Those benefits resulting in less overall soreness throughout the body & quicker recovery for inflamed injuries.

What pro riders have you not met yet but hope one day you do?

Garrett Byrnes, Mike Aitken, Ruben.

If Props were to ask you to pick 5 riders to go on a road fools trip with who would they be a why?

  • Sequoyah; he will ride anything & there will be a jam session afterwards.

  • French Thomas; he is always optimistic & there will be freestyle rapping, in French & English.

  • Rob Jensen; he is up to explore more than just riding spots & always up for some good conversation.

  • Kizer; he brings the silly & is a great hype man. He’s got good one-footed tables too.

  • Mike Parenti; classic old-school style that’s just a visual treat & he will also bring his guitar.

BMX, music, humor, & an open mind is what all these cats have in common.

Using percentages how much of BMX is mental and how much is physical?


Do you think age is getting pushed aside as far as riding is concerned? It seems everyone use to say “Man they are old, they can't ride any more.” Now with all these older riders coming out of the woodwork killing it that that shit is all out the window.

Those older riders have always been there, still shredding, we just get to see them more due to them finally figuring out how to work their cell phones. Age is nothing, riding with style & a smile will get you further than any fancy tricks.

What ever happened to your website?

Took a break.

When its all said and done, what would you like the mark you leave on BMX to be?

Just simply being someone fun to ride with.

Who would you like to thank or give shout outs too?

Too many to list like this, for fear of forgetting someone, but anyone that has made a positive impact on my life & continues to do so. They know who they are, cause I let them know personally.

Is there anything you would like to promote or give a Public Service Announcement for?

It would mean a lot to me if you watched my recent edit, “No Bad Thoughts”. Thank you to anyone who has or will.

What bike parts do you think you replace the most?

Spokes, tires, & tubes.

If you could meet your 18 year old self and give him any advice or warning about the future what would you say?

Shape up & have more compassion for others.

Who would you say are your biggest influences in riding and/or life in general?

Gary Young can fit in both of these answers. Diverse & willing to change with his riding & one solid human who makes you want to be a better version of yourself when you’re around him.


If you haven't already - check out the interview with Ratty Maty on Unclicked

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